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Autumnfall, premiered Reykjavic, Iceland, by Duo Harpverk. May, 2017

Autumnfall: Duo Harpverk

Care Aktor Sket Chez: Lindsay Chestnut, flute; Cremaine Booker, cello.

Dance Piece: Boston Conservatory Student Ensemble; Kevin Joest, conductor.

Dances of Purgatory's Chasm: Anna Seda, cello.

Double Ozymandias: The MTSU Music Department; Kevin Joest, conductor.

Dust: Sine Nomine Choral Ensemble; Dan Ryan, conductor.

Forever Building Edens: The Boston Conservatory Orchestra; Eric Hewitt, conductor.

Fortuna, in Medias Res: Stephanie Clark, Clarinet; Matt Sharrock, Marimba.

Four Poems for Trombone: Brad Keesler, trombone.

Infinity Minus (One)3: Bryan Hayslett, cello.

Look at the Harelquins!: Mothertongue Ensemble.

Metamorphosis: Boston Conservatory Student Ensemble.

Simple Complications: Kevin Joest, snare drum.

Three Gymnopedies: Sally VanderPloeg, piano.

Vestiges of Oblivion: The MTSU Percussion Studio; Nick Enloe, Marimba, Kevin Joest, conductor.

Seven Shades of Blue


Boston Modern Brass




March 2015

Laughter Ballet

Bryan Hayslett, cello




January 2014

Vesiges of Oblivion

Hsin Fang, Marimba


Royal Northern Academy of Music Percussion Ensemble,

Simone Rebello, conductor


Manchester, England


March 2012

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